Catarina thought back to the night of her sixteenth birthday, a year past already. She had returned to her chambers after an evening Mass in celebration of her birthday, and saying her nightly prayers, she snuffed out the candles and lay down to sleep. The bright, argent light of the moon streamed through her unshuttered window and filled her bedchamber with a phantasmal light. Laying in her bed, Catarina could hear the muted sound of the river’s susurrations below in the valley layered with the gentle stirrings of a late Summer wind. Slowly her eyes closed, her mind drifting aimlessly, losing coherence as sleep enveloped her. It seemed but a moment later that she was awakened suddenly by a slight noise and movement in her chambers. Turning her head towards the sound, she could see a human figure, outlined in radiant moonlight and standing between the window and her bed. Heart beating like mad, she tensed, ready to scream out, but found that she could not move nor make a sound. It moved towards her in a silent, gliding way and the corona around it grew in intensity until she could clearly see a beatific pale face gazing down at her with luminous eyes, the blue-grey of twilit skies. Catarina’s heart still beat as fast a small bird’s, but her fear began to fade away and was being replaced by a stunned awe at this being’s beauty as she was slowly infused by an unfamiliar warm sensation that existed in that strange place somewhere between ardour and dread. The divine face smiled lucently at her as two shadowy wings unfurled behind its bare shoulders while it climbed indolently onto her bed and hovered directly over her prone body. Catarina quietly wept tears of joy as cold lips met hers and she was wholly consumed by the darkness.