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Praise always pays

Nice to get a shout-out from Chris and Chad from the esteemed HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast. I have been assisting with some digital caulking and battening down of the hatches on their websites.

[About 03:10 or so]

It’s a pleasure to get kind accolades as a sysadmin instead of the hard, sharp boot of uncaring user scorn for a change.

OK, enough self-pitying aggrandizement…move along, you!

A Return to Writing and Blogging

Now that life has slowed down a bit for me, I have recreated my personal websites in order to start writing once more. Hopefully by sharing personal thoughts, feelings and even presenting some fictive ramblings that have been locked in my head for the past years, I can expunge some of the detritus that has been knocking about for a long time in the shadowy and dusty corners of my mind. A measure of caution should be taken when wandering around these pages as I cannot ensure that everything here is tame and restrained.

[intro]Stay tuned for more soon.[/intro]


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